Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The other wonderful kids in my life

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Kid in my life

Trysten, my soon to be seven year old son, is in Grade 2 and we are currently planning his birthday party. Any ideas?

Good Weekend

Well it was goodie. What can I say. Friday was pit bike racing,sill putting my eyeballs back in place.
Think its time I got back on a bike.
Sat was the wedding. Hell of a romatic. Jess and Luke looked wonderful. Laughed and laughed. Carmie had me in hysterics too via sms! Lee and Barbs know how to spot the cutie. Felt a bit sorry for Bengy - surrounded by the 5 of us.
Sunday family lunch - more laughs. My cousin is a saggie like me, what more can I say.
Followed this with grand prix and cars.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A short history

Well decided I need to fill in some background.
Born in Durban, but grew up in Richmond - Horse and Bike crazy.
Dad was a hot rod and stock car racer - as well as a stuntman. And I wonder why I'm bike crazy. Got my first horse before I was born and my first bike at 12. Went to boarding school most of my life and after matric become a journalist. At this time was a coffin kid (goth) and very in alternative music.
Met John (my husband) when I was 20. Moved in with him at 21 and married him at 23. Got more and more into bikes and John got more into music. Bought our first Harley Davdisons when I was 27 and John was 25.
Had a major bike crash at 29 - spent 3 months in hospital and 2 years in a wheelchair and on crutches. Had been walking for about 2 weeks and we crashed the alfa romeo. Woke up in hospital with a lot more broken bones.
Got out of hospital and found out I was preganant with Trysten. John by this stage was DJing quite a lot and I found myself at night clubs right up until a few weeks before Trysten was born.
The way John carried on no-one had ever has a son before. Talk about total love. Trysten got his first bike (a plastic ride-on one) for his first birthday from his aunt. John was killed on his bike 6 months later. Still dealing with this, so the less said the better. I changed jobs and moved homes.
New job meant I met the coffee club who have spent some serious time keeping me together. Mo and Royce also deserve medals. My mum, dad and sister have already declared me insane. Trysten has grown up and in my opinion is pretty together all things considered.
This Christmas he got his first real bike -PW80 Yamaha from royce and I for Christmas.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Under a pile of work

Currently sitting at my desk wondering how I found the time to get here. Seeing the coffee crew this weekend was awesome. Just what I needed.
Trysten (my son of almost 7) went to the moscow circus on Monday night and came home with a jester hat in red and white with light that flash. Decided there and then that I'm turning into my mum because I don't get it.

Peer Pressure

The girls finally got to me. Talk about peer pressure.
So here it is my own blog.