Monday, April 23, 2007


After a peek at Carmie's blog I looked for a photie of my mad family. Found this one of my Oupa (grandpa) with his brothers, sisters and mother. Does she look scary or what?

Weddings & All

This Sat went to Manna for an impromptu wedding reception, with the mad hatters from the Coffee Club, sans Maria who was on shoot and Debs who just had a baby. Had an awesome time, laughed too much, drank too much, Noodle slept on the table and for some reason the waiter decided he hated me. The couple are madly in love and the combination on Hindu and Irish Roman Catholic opened itself up to many a good laugh. Thinking of weddings made me think of my parents who have been togeether for 50 years. Fred and Avie are still as good looking as the wedding photie in my mind.